Blue Felted Slippers

The year of feet continues!

My mom recently requested a second pair of felted slippers, so I decided to make some for her birthday. I had knit her a pair of Options Flats two years ago (view that project here), but they didn’t hold up well. (For the soles I had chosen to paint on Latex, which dries clear but became quite sticky and gross over time. Also, I didn’t felt them as much as I should have.) Still, my mom loved the fit and comfort.


This time around, I tried to do a little better. Once again I went with the Options Flats, a pattern by Katie Startzman from her book The Knitted Slipper Book. Again, and used Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Worsted, a wool/mohair blend that is excellent for felting and the yarn called for in the pattern. The colorway is called “Persian Peacock.” Below is how they appeared prior to felting. They were huge! But not to worry–that’s how they are supposed to be.

Slippers Prior to Felting

Here’s a quick video I made for Instagram showing how I felted the slippers by hand. Thankfully my husband took over and ended up doing the bulk of the work in a much shorter time. About two-thirds of the way through I sewed up a few holes that developed and then continued on felting.

After the felting process I stuffed the slippers with paper towels, conforming them to my mom’s foot measurements. Below is how they looked after drying and blocking. You can see that all stitch definition has vanished, and they are quite fuzzy.

Slippers Prior to Shaving

Next I shaved off the excessive fuzz and sewed on faux suede soles using blanket stitch. As WALL-E would say, ta da!


This is a very quick knit, with the felting taking up the majority of the time and work. Having made these slippers twice, I highly recommend the Options Flats pattern and The Knitted Slipper Book as a whole. As an ending note, I am a little concerned that the soles–namely the edges–will not hold up well. If the faux suede starts to fray I may apply glue to the edges or sew the soles again.