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Young Einstein Baby Cardigan


If you’re a knitter nerd like me, then you too must find the Young Einstein pattern by Julia Stanfield irresistible. That over-sized collar makes any baby look like a studious little adult, and what’s cuter than that? The pattern is incredibly versatile, with options for edging, sleeve, collar/hood, and the sizes range from newborn to ten years to boot!


Needless to say, when my dear, intellectual friend Nicole informed me that she is having a baby boy, I jumped right into this project, which has been patiently resting in my queue for some time now. The yarn is Tosh DK in the woodsy-academic colorway “Plaid Blanket,” which I have been oh so eager to use.



If I can ever get caught up on all my WIP’s I’d like to knit one of these for my son, or daughter, or anyone else I can think of. It was a true delight to make!



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