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Magic Carpet Afghan Knitting Pattern

This pattern came to be because, once again, I could not find a pattern that fit the bill for its intended recipients. I wanted a chunky blanket in various colors, so I went with Malabrigo Rasta. It’s soft, affordable and there are loads of colorways from which to choose. The colorways used in this afghan are Leguna Negra, Aniversario, Archangel, Pearl Ten, Azules and Ravelry Red (seven skeins total), and the pattern is knit by holding two strands together throughout.


Thinking it would be nice to have some texture mixed in with all those colors, I decided to alternate sections of garter and stockinette rows. Oh, and tassels! I’ve been quite in love with tassels this year. Upon completion, the afghan reminded me of a magic carpet, so there you have it. Voila! A blanket for royalty.


To download the pattern from my website, click here and scroll to the pattern image. To download from Ravelry, click here.


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