A Jump on Summer: My Self-Striping Smooth Operator Socks


These cheerful, self-striping socks were such fun to knit that it felt like summer, hence my naming the project Jump on Summer. The juicy yarn is from Nomadic Yarns and is called “Wanderlust.” This shop, whose talented owner/dyer is Ashley Aguilar, offers a vast selection of self-striping sock yarn, as well as other yarns and accessories. In fact, I have been holding a ball of “Harry”–a self-striping, Harry Potter-themed creation–from Nomadic Yarns for some time now, and I’m growing quite anxious to knit up a fabulous pair of socks with it.


*The slice of carrot cake above right uses my all-time favorite recipe. It’s from Epicurious and can be viewed here.

For some reason I can no longer recall, I started knitting these socks one-at-a-time, which I soon found agonizing, so I combined them for two-at-a-time after working the cuffs. The pattern is called Smooth Operator Socks and is authored by Susan B. Anderson. I’ve knit many, many of her patterns, and let’s just say she knows her stuff! I had knit with self-striping sock yarn before, and the appearance of the heel (unless worked in a contrast color) can be unsightly, so I was eager to try a pattern that produces a more attractive heel. The Smooth Operator Sock pattern clearly fit the bill, and my socks fit perfectly.


I plan to use this pattern for my Harry socks, and it goes almost without saying that I highly recommend it!