Rad Batad


When my dear friend Corrie @corriekingsley asked if I’d like to join her in knitting a Batad, I was all in. I had seen many posts of flashy and spectacular Batads on Instagram, so I needed little convincing.

The Batad is a unique, welt-filled cowl pattern by West Knits. Welts are tubal sections of stockinette that are created by folding the knitting over itself and knitting a row of stitches together with the corresponding stitches at the base of the stockinette on the purl/reverse side. Think of them as sections of I-cord worked parallel to the fabric at regular intervals, which is contrary to the perpendicular orientation of the I-cord bind-off. The video below demonstrates how to work a welt:

My Batad is knit with Woolen Boon Boon Classic in the colorways Commando and Dirty Chai. My feelings for stripes are bearable, at best, and since the welts give off a stripey appearance I decided on a fairly neutral color route to play down the stripes a degree or two.

DSC05400 (2)

The Batad is composed of nine welts and nine short row sections and ends with an I-cord bind-off. For my Rad Batad I knit only eight welts and short row sections before calling it a day. Not only do I prefer the eight sections to nine for a cowl, but by Welt No. 8 I was simply gassed on welts. I have friends who have suffered nightmares from those welts. It’s no joke.


The camel tone of the Dirty Chai colorway matches my Fringe field bag perfectly and has got to be one of the richest browns in the universe. It’s like a golden chocolate. It doesn’t get any better than that!


This small project results in a light piece for combating the frigid indoor conditions set by my husband and other merciless beings who collaborate with the AC every summer. I think it will also be quite ideal for fall. To view my Rad Batad project page on Ravelry click here. Go ahead and knit yourself one!


Ugh, my hair is such a humidity wimp…