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The Tegna Tee

I really don’t know where to begin with the Tegna tee. Genuinely, this top has blown my mind. It is by far my favorite knit piece ever, and that is saying something because I love my knit pieces.DSC09067.JPG

The Tegna pattern is authored by Caitlin Hunter (@boylandknitworks on Instagram), and while this pattern is her first for me, it shall certainly not be my last. Let’s work our way sequentially through the pattern, starting with the bottom lace section. The chart is clear, simple and easy to follow, yet the lace is varied and interesting enough to thwart the doldrums. To top it off the hem is ridiculously stunning and drapes gracefully from the body of the garment. It’s plain to see that the lace and over-sized fit are a match made in heaven.


Which brings us to the fit. The Tegna top is meant to fit loosely for that over-sized look and comfy feel we’ve all grown accustomed to with the fashion trends of the past few years. However, somehow Hunter has magically conceived a knit boxy tee design that is actually flattering. No small task, indeed.


Perhaps the reason the baggy fit succeeds to this degree is that the shoulders and arms are fitted to just the right snugness, and the relaxed and open neckline further complements the overall design. I do not exaggerate when I say this pattern is 100% lacking in flaws. There is not one teeny adjustment I will make on my next Tegna. Yes, I will definitely be making another Tegna. The pattern can be purchased here.


I knit the sleeves two-at-a-time (see above) because knitting sleeves, socks, mitts, etc. one at a time drives me crazy. Knowing I have another identical object to knit inevitably slows down my work due to the foreseen mental weariness and consequent procrastination. To view my video tutorial and written instructions for How to Knit Two-at-a-Time Sleeves, click here.


This top would be gorgeous and stylish in any color, but I am in love with my color choice! The yarn is Woolberry Fiber Co. Pure Merino in the Farmer’s Market colorway, which is a delicious speckled neutral–one of my favorite schemes! I had never seen a gray yarn with specks of purple, orange and dark green. It’s ravishing.


A little bird told me she might adjust the pattern for child’s sizes. In that case my daughter will have one hanging in her closet, for sure.

To view this project on Ravelry, click here.



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