Tegna II, Still Speckled


Tegna II is done.

Clearly I really like the Tegna knitting pattern by Caitlin Hunter (Boyland Knitworks). Released in May of this year, Tegna is constructed from the bottom up starting with the lace section and has a loose, boxy shape that I feel is well suited for hand knit garments. For me the fit is perfect, on top of all the other amazing features of this top, so how could I resist knitting a second one?


Since my first Tegna is what I consider to be a neutral version I decided to go with more color for the second one. Recently I had become aware of the allure of Garn Stories, a German based yarn company that seems to specialize quite well in speckles–just what I was looking for! I went with the colorway Magic Mint, which is a blue-green (although more green than blue) and white yarn with multi-colored speckles. It is luscious!


Having already worn my first Tegna about a dozen times I think we can expect this one to get a ton of wear. To view and read about my first Tegna, click here.