Fleesensee Hat

KAL’s are almost always an impetuous undertaking for me. Typically I plan my knits well in advance, but then sometimes certain lately sprung KAL’s are all too tempting. And hey, when you have the yarn already on hand, why not join in?


Meet the Fleesensee hat by Verena Cohrs of The Wool Club. (Fleesensee is the name of a lake in Germany, from where Verena hails.) It features oodles of right and left twists, which become effortless and automatic after a few rounds. The texture is so fun! I joined the folded brim, but Verena also includes an option for leaving it simply folded. Fleesensee is available in three sizes (1-3), and Size 2 fits me perfectly. This is my second completed pattern from The Wool Club, but I have a third pattern–Goldfoil socks–on the needles. Her patterns are excellent. Fleesensee can be purchased from Ravelry here.


The yarn is Nitro DK from my good friend Adriana of Chromophore Yarns. Adriana is a talented chemist, and her skills in the lab are acutely apparent in the tones and quality of her yarn. This colorway is called Lambas Bread, which had me thinking of Sam and craving carbs as I was knitting Fleesensee. (LOTR fans?) As you can see it’s a lovely golden color, like yellow ochre, and I think it is ideal for this hat. You can visit Chromophore Yarns here.

Now I have a dazzling new hat for fall, and I can’t wait for this Alabama weather to cool down so I can wear it!

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