Patch the Pumpkin Man

Patch is yet another clever design from Susan Claudino, whose ever growing collection of toy patterns is among the best on Ravelry. I had wanted to knit a Patch for my family last year but was unable to squeeze it into my schedule, so when October finally rolled around again I knew I had to make the time.

For this pumpkin man’s yarn I went entirely with scraps of Havirland Yarns from my stash. The names of the striped colors of the body, arms and legs are Lady Orange, Space Cadet, I Need More Yellow in My Sock Drawer, Sock Science and Hawaiian Punch, with Lady Orange also being used for the pumpkin head. For the leaf hands and feet (so adorable, right?) I used Toxic Ooze.


One good thing to know about Patch and many of Claudino’s toys is that they are quick knits. Patch was completed in a weekend; my last Claudino project, Kitschy Kat, was completed in a day; and Figaro, my first Claudino project, could have easily been done in a week had I not been alternating various projects at the time. I could go on and on in praise of Claudino’s designs, but suffice to say, I foresee many Claudino projects in my future.

I don’t know if it’s his dangling limbs, his leaf extremities or his happy face, but I’d say Patch the Pumpkin Man is a carefree guy. I look forward to seeing him grace our mantle each autumn.

The pattern for Patch can be purchased and downloaded from Ravelry here. To visit Susan Claudino’s Ravelry page and view all of her designs click here.