Flipside Goldfoil Socks


You may recall that I knit a hat (Fleesensee) from Verena Cohrs of The Wool Club last week. Unvaryingly, these Goldfoil socks are a pattern from the same designer. Clearly I am a fan of her work!

This lovely cool-toned yarn with warm accents is called Flipside and is a product of the very talented hands of Lauren of Old Rusted Chair, who is one of my favorite Indie dyers.  It is a very special colorway, and I searched through countless sock patterns to find one worthy of its splendor. Quickly I determined that I would select a pattern from The Wool Club. She has several sock patterns, all of which are tempting–in fact, I am only now recalling that the Mash Potato socks that I knit earlier this year also paired a pattern from The Wool Club with yarn from Old Rusted Chair. What can I say? They make a great team! Ultimately I decided on the Goldfoil socks pattern, which can be purchased from Ravelry here.


I knit these socks two-at-a-time. (I don’t ever foresee knitting socks one-at-a-time.) It was not until I was about halfway finished that I realized how aptly the yarn matched the pattern. Flipside is streaked with warm, golden hues, and fittingly, the pattern is named Goldfoil. Perfect!

While the sock patterning looks somewhat complicated, it is only an exceedingly well arranged sequence of yarn over’s, purls and decreases, so it is not difficult. The lace-edged diamond shapes make this pattern a star, but small details can win me over, too. Notice below how the center purls transition perfectly into the ribbed cuff.  I think we can all agree that awkward transitions in knitting are the worst.


Needless to say, if you haven’t yet knit a pattern from The Wool Club or used yarn from Old Rusted Chair, I urge you to try them. You will not be disappointed!