The Fruity Knitting Podcast

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When Andrea contacted me about submitting footage for the Fruity Knitting podcast, I confess I had never previously watched it. Making time for knitting podcasts, let alone non knitting podcasts, is not easy for me, but let’s be honest here. When people say they don’t have time for something, they are actually saying that they have chosen to do other things instead. In general, people make time for some amount of recreation, and it all comes down to choices. So when I say I have little time for podcasts, the truth is podcasts are typically not my thing . . .

. . . Until I watched the Fruity Knitting podcast. Fruity Knitting is not a mere audio podcast but more of a vlog with high quality video centered on the eloquent Andrea and her husband Andrew. Now residing in Germany, these Aussie natives sit comfortably side by side and discuss their current knits in detail, showing off their chemistry and enviable shared love of knitting. (I wish my husband could knit!) The episodes also cover thorough tutorials pertinent to their current projects; interviews with prominent knitwear designers, yarn dyers or producers; updates on their goings-on–knitting and otherwise; and other interesting pieces relevant to the knitting realm. The episodes also include segments titled Knitters of the World, wherein I was featured in the latest episode, Episode 34: Blacker Yarns and Some Yarn Art.

At this point it should be obvious that Fruity Knitting encompasses a wide range of topics, but I cannot stress enough how insightful the podcast has been for me. For instance, as I stand on the threshold of executing my very first steeking, it just so happens that Andrea has been working on a steeking project herself, and her recent tutorials have proven highly informative. Indeed I learn a great deal from each and every episode–so much so that I cannot recall all of it and have resorted to taking notes throughout the segments. Andrea is a crackerjack knitter, a professional, and if you can make the time for just one podcast, this is it. We learn from the best, after all.

Fruity Knitting podcasts are released twice each month, but Andrea and Andrew cannot do it alone. To join me in becoming a patron of Fruity Knitting, click here.

To watch the latest episode click here, and to read the episode notes click here.