Purple Starfall

Starfall back

My latest FO is Starfall by Jennifer Steingass of Knit.Love.Wool. The back shot above is not the best angle for showing off my colorwork since the BOR is located at the back of the left shoulder, but from this angle you can soak up the intricate colorwork motifs of the yoke.


There were two things new to me for this project: 1) First pattern by Jennifer Steingass and 2) First bottom-up sweater. As for No. 1, I can now say Jennifer is a stellar designer. I’ve had several of her patterns in my queue for quite some time and will soon be starting Silver Forest. Regarding No. 2, it felt strange to me starting with the sleeves, and of course I couldn’t stay focused on them consistently and had to start the body to split my time. On the one hand it felt nice getting the monotony of the sleeves over with, but on the other the sleeves seemed to drag on even longer than they do when they are last in the project. Conclusion: I prefer top-down, and fortunately most of Jennifer’s designs are worked in this fashion.

Starfall WIP table

For the yarn I chose Mon Sheep Shop Moelleuse, which I had also used for my Nelchina cardigan. When selecting my colors I was in a very purple mood, and since I’ve never knit a purple sweater (for myself) I decided it was time. The colorways are “Quetsche” (purple), “Jamie” (green), “Oeil de tigre” (golden brown) and “Champagne” (speckled natural). My color scheme takes me back to the purple and green wallpaper of my fourth grade bedroom. It’s a nice recollection, I think.

Starfall WIP green

The purple is lovely, but my favorite color in the sweater is that sweet multi-tonal green.

Starfall WIP

And now on to Silver Forest!

Starfall front closeup

full frame finish

Starfall front

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  1. Isabelle Brunette says:

    Beautiful Jamie! Purple suits you very well! I have three of Jennifers patterns in my to do list! Love the yokes of silver forest, telja and vintersol! 💜

    1. Thank you, Isabelle. I want to knit all of her sweaters!

  2. Karina says:

    It’s stunning, Jamie! Such a perfect fit and those colours look great on you. I think I have almost all of Jennifer’s patterns in either my queue or my favourites – the hardest part is choosing which one to knit first!

    1. Thank you!!! The choosing is definitely the hardest part. Fortunately I ordered yarn the second Silver Forest was released, so the hard part is done. For now, lol.

  3. Susan says:

    I went to the website for the yarn you mentioned but it was not there? So where can I see the yarn and the colors?

    1. The link takes you to her Instagram. The website for her yarn is http://www.monsheepshop.fr. It’s all in French though.

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