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Grellow Mon Manet

Reverse stockinette sweaters have become quite trendy lately, yet they are still not easy to find in stores. Partly because of the rareness of the style and partly because I adore the inside-out look, Mon Manet was thrown into my knitting queue the moment I saw it on Instagram.

Mon Manet hem and sleeve closeup

Designed by Jonna Hietala, Mon Manet is knit top down and in the round inside-out with twisted rib hems. When complete, the sweater is inverted so that the stockinette side is on the inside. The simple construction is a bonus for so singular a piece.


When studying pictures of Mon Manet sweaters it was clear that the yarn Jonna and other sample knitters used–Aran Merino from La Bien Aimée–was a peerless match for this design. Knowing I wouldn’t be satisfied with any other yarn, I waited and waited until finally, La Bien Aimee had an Aran Merino update! All along I had thought I would go with a more subtle colorway, such as “The North” or “Patagonia,” but I found myself clicking on “Grellow” and zooming in repeatedly. I am not normally attracted to yellow, but this golden color, like a metallic sunny day with a few gray clouds, beckoned me.

Mon Manet WIP1.jpg

Boy, am I glad I went with this color! It took me only five days to knit, which I attribute more to the magic of watching Grellow unfold than to the bulky Aran weight, which does knit up quickly. And guess what? I did not have to alternate skeins with this sweater because not only were my skeins dyed nearly identically, but also reverse stockinette is very forgiving when it comes to pools of color.

Mon Manet WIP2

Mon Manet TAAT sleeves

As with all my sleeves I knit these two-at-a-time (click here and scroll down to see my video tutorial for TAAT sleeves). However, I wanted to keep an eye on possible color pooling so I knit these turned right side out but still in stockinette, so I was knitting from the inside, if that makes sense. The only drawback is you have to constantly pull one of the balls between the sleeves in order to prevent accidental yarn overs.

Mon Manet final.jpg

I promise I did not match my yarn to my shoes–it just worked out that way. Yellow on yellow, and somehow I love it!

Mon Manet front closeup

Mon Manet back

The Mon Manet pattern can be purchased from Jonna Hietala’s Ravelry store here.

To view my Mon Manet project page on Ravelry click here.


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