Kiuru Hat Test Knit

Many of you have probably seen the cable-covered Kiuru pullover pattern in Laine Magazine: Issue 3. A few of you may know that I started knitting that design back in January, but as warm weather approached I hibernated it away until the arrival of cooler days. Much like sweater projects, some reptiles, amphibians and fish are known to hibernate during periods of extreme heat and/or drought–a state that is actually called estivation. So currently my Kiuru pullover is, in fact, estivating.


Naturally, when I happened across a post by Sari Nordlund asking for test knitters of her new spring design, the Kiuru hat, I instinctively hopped on board. I love the cables on my Kiuru sweater (see the WIP shot below) and already had the charts memorized, so I knew the hat would be a beautiful cinch. For my Kiuru I used the same yarn Sari used for the pattern: Rosy Green Wool Heb Merino Fine. My colorway is a brilliant blue called “Loch Langavat,” quite different from the magenta/maroon color of my pullover.


The Kiuru hat fits like a dream and is almost as fun to knit as it is to wear. Happy spring, knitters!


The Kiuru hat pattern can be purchased on Ravelry here.

To view my Kiuru hat project page on Ravelry click here.

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