Campside Cardi for Mother’s Day


I had been meaning to knit a cardigan for my mom for quite a while but struggled to find a pattern that would fit her petite frame. (She is the teeniest!) Just as I resigned myself to finding a children’s pattern that would suit her, I came across the Campside Cardi pattern. As you know from a few posts earlier, I knit a Campside Cardi for myself and love it immensely. When knitting for myself I typically knit the second smallest or third smallest size offered in a women’s pattern, but for the Campside Cardi, which is intended to have 2-3″ of positive ease, I knit the 39″ size (the fourth smallest size). It fit me perfectly, with about two inches of ease, so I knew that the 31″ size (the smallest) would be perfect for my mom.

Dress Blues.1

I had come to the recent realization that Woolen Boon was offering preorders for most of their colorways (how did this escape me for so long?) and I needed a good blue in DK weight. After showing several of their colorways to my mom, she picked “Dress Blues.” What a great choice! I especially love the look of this colorway in the outdoor lighting, as you can see in the shots modeled by my mom above and down below.

Dress Blues.2

Below you can see that I am NOT knitting my sleeves two-at-a-time, but that’s because I was alternating two balls of yarn per sleeve, and since I had been knitting this cardigan mostly on the go, juggling four balls didn’t seem like a good idea.

Campside Cardi blue

As with my first Campside Cardi, this one knit up super fast–only faster because of the tiny size. (I should say it took me less actual time to knit it, although more days transpired than when I was knitting my cardigan. It’s the fault of spring–I’ve been spending most of my awake time with my family outdoors.)


When I first ordered the yarn I wasn’t sure it would arrive in time for Mother’s Day, but obviously that worry was laid to rest. I finished it in the nick of time and delivered it to her yesterday. She was absolutely thrilled, and as you can see from the pics it fits her like a glove (like a glove with just the right amount of positive ease). Happy Mother’s Day to the sweetest, cutest mom on the planet!

Campside Cardi 8.FINAL

Campside Cardi FINAL.2.extrafilter

Again, the Campside Cardi is designed by Alicia Plummer. You can purchase the pattern on her Ravelry store here. To view the project page for my mom’s Campside Cardi click here.

Campside Cardi blue.8.jpg

I have a tip for picky knitters! I can be a bit persnickety when it comes to edges, so if you’re like me read on. When a pattern instructs to k2p2 for a ribbed edging I like to start and end with k3 because the first and final knit columns (you never want to end with purls) will curl underneath no matter how rigorous the blocking effort. The edging above is begun with k3, though it looks like k2. See what I mean?

Campside Cardi blue.6

Campside Cardi 4 FINAL.jpg

Campside Cardi blue.7.jpg

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