A Girl’s Best Friend Shawl


Here I go again with another pink and green combo, or purple and green. It doesn’t matter–both speak the same language. I don’t know what the deal is with my fascination with pink/green and purple/green, but I have dubbed this style “granny eclectic” because my dear belated grandmother was a fan of these combos. Even after telling myself that I am sick of this flowers-in-a-field palette I continue to be drawn to it time and time again. Go figure.

When I decided to start a Girl’s Best Friend shawl last year as part of the KAL hosted by Ziawoolz (@paperdag on Instagram) I dug through my stash and turned up the colors below. For the main color I went with the purple, pink, green and orange eyeful from Olann: “Live Show” on Sock Lite. I then tried to select coordinating colors to enhance but also balance out the piece as a whole. The kelly green is Chromophore Yarns Azo Sock in the colorway “Frodo” (see the green bits in Live Show?) and for the lace I again used Olann Sock Lite, this time in the colorway “Three Futures.” (Both skeins of Olann are club colorways, by the way.)


As you can imagine with all the texture in this shawl it was a very fun pattern to knit. From the stockinette, garter and seed stitch to the lace, bobbles, ribbing and pompoms, this shawl has it all! However, I shortened the ribbing at the end in order to keep it a little more lightweight for summer, and I omitted the pompoms (much to my daughter’s dismay) because I felt my colors were fun enough as is and didn’t want to venture into clown territory. That being said, I do think the pompoms look amazing on Isabell’s sample, but her colors are more subtle.


Now I have a new shawl for summer! I don’t like getting sun on my neck and chest (or anywhere really), so I find that shawls function perfectly as both bright accessories and cover from the sun.


The pattern for A Girl’s Best Friend can be purchased on Ravelry here.

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