The Anniversaire Cardi: My First PomPom Knit


I stumbled across the Anniversaire pattern on Ravelry a few months ago and added it to my queue lickety-split. This cardigan, designed by Veera Välimäki for Issue 21 of PomPom Quarterly, has more texture by far than any garment I’ve ever made, but it wasn’t just the texture overload that appealed to me. This cardigan is delightfully asymmetrical, which made it even more unique and fun to knit.



As can be seen above, the left side of the back is knit with honey/honeycomb/ray of honey cable stitch while the right side of the back is knit with one 12-stitch column of wishbone/link cables, one 12-stitch column of XO/hugs and kisses cables and two columns of left-leaning 6-stitch cables. Keeping with the asymmetry, the left side of the cardigan features another link cable while the right side features a XO cable. Maintaining this structure I deviated from the pattern by continuing each inner arm cable as established by the side rather than making them identical. (Unfortunately I don’t have any pics showing the inner arm cables, so you’ll have to use your imagination.)


The sleeves also feature four columns of link cable separated by one left-leaning column that commences at the top of the shoulder and continues down to the cuff. The front cables are done entirely in honey stitch, and the pattern is finished with a garter hem, cuffs and collar. I feel like the garter and cables are a perfect pairing for this cardigan.

Unquestionably this pattern called for a very special yarn–it is called Anniversaire (Anniversary), after all. For such a stellar piece I required a luxurious yarn in just the right color. I decided on the Cashmerino base from Featherfin Yarn in the colorway “Aquastone.” I think I chose very well!


I wanted exceptional buttons to boot, so I purchased these black walnut gems from Wooly Moss Roots. These buttons seem to have been made for this yarn!



As with most of my sweaters I knit the sleeves two-at-a-time (TAAT). To watch my tutorial for how to set up your sleeves and knit them at the same time via magic loop click here. As mentioned above, I knit the inner arms in different cable stitches, but you can’t see that here.


This pattern was such a treat to knit. However I don’t think I would have undertaken all these cables if I hadn’t thrown out the cable needle. That’s right–I do not use a cable needle to knit cables, and I knit every single cable on this cardigan without a cable needle. It seems counter intuitive, but for me the cable needle only slows me down. To see my quick demonstration for how I knit cables sans cable needle click here.



To view the designs of Veera Välimäki on Ravelry click here.

To view my Anniversaire project page on Ravelry click here.

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  1. I haven’t liked all the garishly yellow versions of this on Ravelry, but seeing your version, I may have to reconsider. I am kind of a sucker for cables.

    1. Go for it! The asymmetry of these cables keeps it pretty entertaining.

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