How to Work German Short Rows

I have found German short rows to be the cleanest and easiest short rows to knit. They have no wraps and no gaps. (Wrap-less and gap-less!) When working German short rows, a Double Stitch (DS) is created at each turn. This double stitch automatically closes the gap and keeps the work tidy.

Below is a video demonstrating how to work German short rows. Please note that this video was created specifically for The V-back Tee design. If you are viewing the video to learn how to work these short rows for other patterns, pay close attention to your pattern’s instructions, as they may vary.

This how-to video demonstrates how to work German short rows on both the wrong and right sides of the garment. In The V-back Tee there are color changes that take place in the middle of the short rows, and this video also shows how to perform the double stitches while changing colors.

Since designing the DK weight version of the V-back Tee, I have posted new tutorials that may also be useful for the fingering version. Click here to view those.

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  1. kimberlyrae says:

    Oh my goodness!! What a super cuteeeeee top! I love it!!!!
    Thank you so much for explaining German short rows! Does this pattern say to knit up to 4 sts …not sure I understand that? Like I have a pattern that says 4 sts before end of row w&t. Do I knit thatc4th st….thank you

    1. Thanks so much! In the pattern the short rows begin by knitting to 4 sts before the marker, then you turn and make the DS as instructed. Thereafter you knit to 4 sts before the last turn (counting your last DS as the first stitch, then 3 more regular stitches), turn, make the DS as instructed. Does that make sense?

  2. Natalie MacDonald says:

    Hi the videos are gone, I’m working the v back tee and need to know about the colour transition in the short row section?

    Please Help!

    1. I just checked, and the video is working fine for me. Are you not able to see the video at all?

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