The Shusui Shrug


shusuilookingdown.filter.jpgAs with many of my projects, Shusui started with the announcement of a KAL on Instagram. Indeed, Fuse Fiber Studio, the host of the KAL, even had a nice selection of yarn that would work splendidly for this shrug. ‘Eh, I’ll have a look at her shop,’ I thought to myself. ‘I don’t really need to start anything, but what’s the harm in looking?’


Immediately, the colorways Persimmon, Verdigris and River popped out at me. I ordered the yarn in a matter of seconds.

Shusui, a design by Susanne Sommer, is neither shawl nor cardigan, though I placed this project in both categories. It is, in fact, a shrug, a flowing shawl with sleeve-lets that gives you no choice but to feel like a graceful butterfly. This particular shrug is rendered even more divine by the combination of brioche and garter.


In this pattern, the brioche stitches are not complicated (as far as brioche goes), so I highly recommend Shusui to those looking for a basic, yet fun, brioche pattern.


I’m not gonna lie, though. All that brioche does become a bit monotonous–but look at the result. Worth it!

In the shot below I am looking directly towards the sun, so please ignore the angry eyebrows.



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