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The V-Back Tee

The V-back Tee pattern can be purchased from my Ravelry store here.


V is for versatility! Allow me to introduce you to my new design: The V-back Tee.

It can be worn with the V in back or front, so it is delightfully reversible. The pattern is written for a five-color format but includes instructions for how to fade/transition with three or four colors as well. (Of course, a single color is always an option.) In addition there are instructions for other mods, including two cast-on options and how/where to add garment length. The default cast-on method is the Tubular Cast-on, for which I created a tutorial that can be viewed here.


I started designing The V-Back Tee because I could not find a v-back pattern that I liked. Furthermore, I had purchased some beautiful Walk Collection Cottage Merino for a shawl pattern with which I fell out of love, and I wanted to make good use of my fading colors. From top down the colorway names are as follows: Scallop, Artichoke Hearts, Uluru, Koi and Scallop again. Together, these summery colors evoke images of green melon, cantaloupe and watermelon…perhaps I should have dubbed it the Melon Tee? I purchased my Walk Collection yarn from Stephen and Penelope, who shipped it very quickly despite being overseas.

The picture below was taken after about five froggings. Subsequently, I ripped back several inches, making adjustments and taking out that fifth orange/green color and replacing it with Scallop. Designing can be quite painstaking!



The V-back Tee is worked top-down and features back v-shaping that begins at the start of the ribbed neckband and continues all the way down to the hem. The v-shaping is created by a series of paired increases that surrounds a graceful spine, and side decreases offset the widening fabric. Two sets of German short rows level out the v-shaping at the sides and approximately even up the front hem with the back. My tutorial for German short rows can be viewed here.


I created an unorthodox method of fading the colors by bringing a third color into each transition. These third color “hiccups” interrupt the fade but also help to maintain a nice cohesiveness to the tee as a whole.

The pictures below show the tee in reverse: the scoop neck worn in back and the V worn in front.



While designing this tee I had hoped the reversibility would pan out, and I am so happy with the results. Whether you wear the V in front or back, I believe the tee is equally flattering.


I owe a huge public thank you to my tech editor, Kristine Mitchell. She worked tirelessly with me on this pattern and even tested it for me. Kristine is a whiz! I’d also like to thank all of my testers, who did a fabulous job. Be sure to check out their project pages on Ravelry or via searching the hashtags #thevbacktee or #vbacktee on Instagram.

To purchase and download The V-Back Tee pattern from me on Ravelry, click here.



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