Wee Baby Rompers

I have had the Little Sister’s Romper pattern by PetiteKnit in my queue for quite a while. When I learned that one of my friends would be having a grandbaby this summer, that’s when I knew I simply had to knit one of these adorable rompers. (When my kids were babies I called them onesies, but I guess romper can mean the same thing.)

I soon realized that one of my son’s teachers, who had had a baby in early March, deserved one of these rompers, too. To me baby knits require softness and subtlety, which is not necessarily what I would have wanted, but it’s safe to go subtle when you are not sure of the style the parents prefer. However, too subtle can be boring, and I am simply incapable of knitting with a boring color. No brand comes to mind for this purpose more fully than Woolberry Fiber Co. I used their yarn for a Tegna tee a few years ago, and I truly love all of their colors and have wanted to make another sweater for myself with yarn. (Must get on that!)

I already had the pink color, called “Where You Lead,” on hand, so I used that for my son’s teacher’s baby. I had gathered that my friend’s daughter prefers nontraditional colors, so I went with green for her baby-to-be. That colorway is called “Succulent Garden.”

It’s true that I might be getting a little burnt out on speckle overload, making Woolberry’s yarn even more appealing. Both colorways are speckled quite evenly, which was also the case for my Tegna tee, but all I could think while knitting up these rompers was, “This yarn is perfection.” I’ve always been a big Woolberry admirer, but through these projects I’ve gained an even further appreciation of their hand-painting talents.

The shots above were taken with moody lighting indoors. (It was raining outside at the time.) The shot below was taken outside at dusk after the rain stopped.

I purchased the buttons from Purl Soho.

To view my project pages for these rompers on Ravelry click here (the pink one) and here (the green one).

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