Kia Socks

I am a terrible sock knitter. I like knit socks, but I find that I do not enjoy the process of knitting them. Perhaps it’s because I almost always knit them two-at-a-time, a method that sometimes seems like more work than it’s worth. Perhaps it’s the small needles worked in the round (magic loop in my case), which sometimes feels awkward and slow. Whatever the reason–because frankly it is somewhat of a mystery to me–I excel at casting on socks and then hibernating the WIP pair for months to years. Fortunately, I cast on this pair for my daughter, and since her feet are growing by the day, I was forced to finish these in a somewhat timely (is 3 months timely?) fashion.

The Kia Socks are a free pattern by Dawn Henderson. As she states on Instagram, Kia means “a season’s beginnings” in African cultures. Dawn created this pattern as a way to mark a new era on Instagram, an era that evolved out of multiple race discussions in the knitting community this year. As she puts it, “We all deserve a place here and we all deserve a voice.”

I, for one, have learned a great deal this year about what it means to be white, about the privilege that carries and how it affects people of color. The most significant takeaway for me personally is that race education must always be an ongoing effort on my part. There is some saying about continuously seeking to understand, knowing full well you will never completely get there, knowing there will never come a point where you can check a box and wipe your hands of the issue. As human beings, we are capable of great things, and empathy has to be somewhere at the top. We must continuously try to put ourselves in other people’s shoes (or socks, har har), knowing they will not fit.

Using the basket weave pattern, where sections of purl stitches are alternated with and then offset by sections of knit stitches, Kia is loaded with fun texture. Additionally, it is incredibly versatile, allowing the knitter to make many of the structural decisions throughout the project. I rarely follow a sock pattern to the T because when I have done so in the past, they did not fit quite as well as I would prefer, so I appreciated this flexibility.

Sophie dug through my stash for a solid twenty minutes before deciding on this mermaid-esuqe colorway. The yarn is Orange Jellyfish Dream Sock, and the colorway is called Eclipse. Can you tell from her nails that she likes this color?

Look for my next sock post sometime in 2025!

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