Mom’s Birthday Bubble Shawl


Pattern: Bubble Shawl by Stephen West

Yarn: West Wool Bicycle in colorways Copenhagen and Glass

The texture in this shawl is so fun! I first spotted the pattern in my Instagram feed (Stephen West’s gray and mustard version) and immediately clicked and made plans to knit it.

The pattern is simpler to knit than it appears, which was a relief, and it was pretty fun watching the bubbles form. However, the bubble pattern repeats do get old, which is always the case for me with any pattern that has multiple repeats. Fortunately I started running out of time for a blocked and ready birthday gift for Mom, so I had to cut out a couple of bubble sections. For a full list of mods, scroll to the bottom or view my Ravelry project here.

The pattern starts at a corner of the triangle, and once the bubble knitting begins Color A is split into two balls. I had chosen West Wool Bicycle, the yarn used in the pattern, because I really liked the look of Stephen’s. Also I think solid colors are best for achieving greater contrast, but most importantly Color A needs to be quite uniform from skein to skein so that the Color A border on one side matches the Color A throughout the pattern. My colorways are Copenhagen, a “true jet black,” as stated on the Stephen and Penelope website, and Glass, which is described as a “crisp pale blue leaning to aqua.” These are very accurate color descriptions! Depending on the lighting, Glass can take on a green tint but tends to stay on the bluer side. Copenhagen is indeed super black, and I can’t deny that a few mistakes were made (and left/ignored) while knitting the borders at night when visibility was lower.

Dress above is the Adriana Chambray Dress from Able.

West Wool is a fingering weight blend of Falkland Merino and Texel. The combination produces a lovely little halo, and the yarn is well suited for the pattern. In order to avoid overseas shipping costs, I nearly selected a different yarn, but I’m so glad that I didn’t in the end.

Happy Birthday to my beautiful, lovely Mom!


  • The very first bubble with Color B looked funny to me, so I sewed around it to make it look more like the others.
  • For the final repeat of Rows 13-36, I skipped Rows 31-26. I then skipped the final repeat of Rows 13-18 and started working the border. For the border I repeated the last 4 rows 4 times instead of 7.

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