Rift Tee and Another Pair of Arenite Pants



Pattern: Rift by Jacqueline Cieslak in the 44″ size

Yarn: Little Fox Yarn Linea in colorway Chasing Blue Skies, sport weight (50% Merino wool, 25% cotton, 15% linen, 10% silk)

To view my Rift Tee project page on Ravelry, click here.


Pattern: Arenite Pants by Sew Liberated in size 8

Fabric: Blackbird Fabrics Viscose Linen Noil (70% viscose, 30% linen)

The Rift Tee is knit bottom up, a construction of which I am not a fan. However, it’s so darn cute that the construction became irrelevant to me. I simply had to knit it.

The hem and cuffs are worked in twisted rib, which is a nice detail. I love the style of the longer hem in back. The overall fit is quite perfect.

I am no stranger to Little Fox Yarn, having used their Bōsa base for my Whitehorse sweater. Comprised of wool, cotton, linen and silk, the Linea base is just as lovely and luxurious. I don’t believe I’ve ever knit with a yarn that has this combinations of fibers, and it is a dream! This particular yarn is spun with a nice thick-and-thin twist, which works very well for this tee.

I have to say, Jacqueline Cieslak is quite brilliant in creating such a beautiful yet simple staple with great versatility in fit. The tee features a V-neck (which I used for the front) and a boatneck (which I used for the back), but you can use them in any combination and make your tee reversible as desired. It also includes a formula for a custom fitting bicep, which I’ve never seen before, and while I did not use it I know that many knitters love the idea.

Another knitting construction element that was brand new to me was the optional bust darts. I’ve sewn them before, but I’ve never seen them in knitting. I decided to go for it and knit the bust darts, although after completing them I worried about how it would fit because I’m not large in the chest and it looked a little funny bowed out at the bust line. However, upon blocking and wearing the tee, it fit absolutely perfect. Again, brilliant!

You can best see the bust darts, which are worked with German short rows, in the photo below:

Moving on to the Arenite pants, I have to start by saying I love this fabric! For my first pair I used a dark print on rayon challis, which is more sleek and less soft. This linen noil is not only more cozy to wear, but the drape is exceptional–perhaps in some part due to the lighter color, which does not conceal the drape as much as the dark print.

Once again, for me the pockets are the star of the show. That being said, for my next pair I think I may skip the pockets just to see how that looks.

As with the first pair, I worked simple cuffed hems. However, this time I worked the flat-felled seams when sewing the pieces together, rather than sewing the seams to the inside. I still knit the size 8, which ends up looking like some of the slim hacks I’ve seen. Next time, since I’m likely going pocket-less, I may opt to sew an actual slim hack version.

I’m pretty proud of my sewing work on the elastic waistband (above), which was not so good on my first pair. Also, I love this caramel brown color! It’s so perfect for autumn.

Yes, I am barefoot. End of story.

I’m really happy with these projects and the overall outfit. For both Rift and the Arenites, I could have one in every color. If fall were not fast approaching (in spirit, not temperature, because it is still hot AF) and if I didn’t have other sweaters to finish up and start, I would immediately cast on another Rift–a yellow one. Maybe next year?

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