The Great Christmas Hat-a-thon

In the two weeks leading up to Christmas, I cranked out four hats for gifts for my husband’s family. Earlier in the season I also knit a hat for a friend, as well as a hat for a newborn. That’s six hats! Below are the details for each hat. Be sure to let me know what gifts you’ve knit this past year in the comment section at the bottom!


Projects: Debbie’s Hat, Aaron’s Hat and Adam’s Hat

Pattern: Oslo Hat by PetiteKnit

Yarn: Filcolana Arwetta Classic held double. Colorways: 145 (navy), 138 (bright red) and 139 (red) and 234 (gray)

Sizes: From left to right, size “Woman,” size “Woman” and size “Man” Note: My husband had tried on Debbie’s hat and liked the snugness of that fit, and since he and Aaron have similar sized heads, I chose the Woman size for Aaron as well. I wish the sizes were not designated with assigned gender names.

For all of the Oslo hats, I worked the folded brim by simply folding it and knitting a stitch together with a cast-on stitch all the way around. (When starting this round, it helps to follow the first stitch all the way down and placing a marker at the cast-on edge. This keeps all the columns straight and the k2tog’s in alignment.) I find this technique to be much easier than the one prescribed in the pattern. It does look a bit different, but it works. Overall, the fit of this hat is impeccable, and I’m already working on one for my husband, with plans to start one for myself eventually.

I knit the navy hat for my dear friend, Debbie, who is undergoing chemo. If there’s anyone I knew who needed a hat, it was her. I shortened the length a bit to reduce the slouch, but otherwise changed nothing. I barely needed 3 skeins for this hat.

For the remaining two Oslo hats, my husband and I modeled them so everyone can see the fit. The red hat is my absolute favorite! I would have loved to keep that one, and I’m not even a fan of red. I had intended to knit this hat entirely with the bright red, but after it arrived and I saw that it was brighter than bright, I toned it down by holding it together with a darker red. The marled look (closeup below) is so lovely, don’t you think? For Aaron, I felt he would prefer more slouch, so I knit it exactly as written for the Woman size. I knit Adam’s (gray) hat in the Man size, and since we felt he would prefer less slouch, I reduced the length of his.

To view any of my Ravelry project pages for the hats above, click on one of the following links: Debbie’s Hat (navy) Aaron’s hat (red) Adam’s hat (gray)

For my mother-in-law and sister-in-law I decided to knit hats with a bit more flavor.


Pattern: Rhinebeck Hat by Woolly Wormhead

Yarn: Old Rusted Chair Squish DK in colorways Burlesque (purple) and Boom Boom (orange/purple/gray)

Size: 20 inch

To view my Rhinebeck Hat project page on Ravelry, click here.

This Rhinebeck Hat was so fun to knit! If there is one thing I learned from knitting the Woolly Wormhead hats, it’s that she is an innovative and brilliant designer. The hat is worked flat by knitting back and forth (no purling) and using German short rows. Once you get the hang of understanding the chart, it flies along. I changed nothing about the pattern and love how it turned out. I always enjoy working with yarn from Old Rusted Chair, but clearly I need an ORC hat of my own.


Pattern: Katara by Woolly Womhead

Yarn: Old Rusted Chair Squish DK in colorways Diminutive (blue) and You’re What (gray)

Size: 20 inch

To view my Katara project page on Raverly, click here.

Of all the hats I knit for Christmas this year, the Katara was my favorite to knit. Once again, this hat was knit using short rows with no purling, but the repeats were thicker and less complicated than the Rhinebeck Hat, so it was even faster to knit. I love the cool design of the wavy disappearing lines.

For the final hat, which I actually knit before all the others, I opted for colorwork. This hat was for a very special baby girl named Willow.


Pattern: Clayoquat Toque by Tincanknits (from the book Road Trip)

Yarn: Casual Fashion Queen Merino DK in colorway Pandora’s Aquarium (teal), Hedgehog Fibers Merino DK in colorway Birthday Cake, and Madelinetosh Tosh DK in colorway Mare

Size: Newborn

Click here to view my Clayoquat project page on Ravelry.

OK, this hat literally took about three hours to knit, and I wasn’t even super focused that whole time. If ever in a crunch to knit a quick, colorful hat, this is the one to go with. My daughter wants one as well, so that’s yet another thing to add to the list.

Isn’t it funny how we go through phases or zones when knitting? This past month I was totally in a hat zone. I guess it’s because of the fast approach of winter and because they make the quickest and best gifts.

What gifts did you knit this year–for Christmas or otherwise?

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  1. Not quite as prolific but I knit a How Quiet hat by Helen Stuart and the Jaycee Cardigan for Christmas. Really enjoyable knits! Your hats look great! I’ve added the patterns to my Ravelry queue 🙂

    1. Thank you! I just looked up the How Quiet pattern and have now added it to my queue!

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