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Me Made May 2020

For Me Made May this year I sewed a total of . . . are you ready for it? Nothing!

However, I do have two handmade items to share with you that I sewed back in March and April. I also sewed some imperfect masks that you can read about at the bottom.


Pattern: Hinterland Dress by Sew Liberated

Fabric: Nantucket linen/rayon blend woven purchased from Stone Mountain & Daughter

First, I made a second Hinterland Dress. I love this dress, but I do wish I’d made it a little longer and the bust darts a little higher. I absolutely love the fabric! It’s so supple and perfect for this project.

Yes, this is the dress I wore underneath my Halfway design, pictured below. Both garments are ideal for layering.

For my second recently sewn project, I made my first pair of shorts! I have knit a couple pairs of shorts but until now had not sewn any.


Persephone Shorts by Anna Allen using Kaufman Ventana Twill Solid Ivy purchased from

While I love high waisted styles, these shorts are a tad too extreme. Still, the fit is incredible, and they are the most comfortable shorts in my wardrobe (aside from PJ style and run shorts). For my next pair, I will deepen the darts in the lower back because the waistband is a little loose. I omitted the belt loops because I don’t really wear belts, so deepening the darts is my best bet.

Of course, I also sewed a few masks, but they did not turn out well. I’m not the best sewist, and sewing small things is definitely not my forte. Additionally, my sewing machine is not amazing, and it got pretty displeased with me when I sewed these shorts with heavy duty thread. The lower thread tension has been off ever since, and while the upper thread can be adjusted, I see no way to adjust the lower thread. I need to spend some time tinkering with it. For masks, I ended up purchasing some from more expert sewists. I especially love the ones I bought from pointelledesign.

Hopefully I will make some time to sew more things soon! I need to improve my skills. 💪


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