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V-Back Tee DK

First and foremost, Black Lives Matter! ALL Black Lives Matter. No, this is not a movement that has been generated by the left so that they can push their evil agendas. Observe, pay attention and listen to your heart. Black people are dying, and it’s not right.

On Monday the Supreme Court ruled that LGBTQ persons cannot be fired because of their gender. (Prior to Monday, they could legally get married, but then their employers could fire them for it. How absurd is that?) This is great news!

In honor of Pride Month I will be donating 20% of profits for V-Back Tee DK now through the end of the month to The Trevor Project. I donated to them last year for Pride Month, and I am continually in awe of the great work they do with LGBTQ youth and young adults. For those who do not know, The Trevor Project provides crisis and suicide intervention, and undeniably, right now Black LGBTQ youth are experiencing A LOT. You can visit this page to learn more: Supporting Black LGBTQ Youth Mental Health.

Thank you to all who purchased the pattern in June! A copy of my donation receipt is below.


The V-back Tee (fingering weight version) was my first design and remains my most popular pattern to date. Since its release, knitters have been asking for a version with a heavier yarn weight. At long last, here it is!

This seamless reversible tee is worked top down and in the round. Knit on larger needles, the fabric is airy and knits up quickly. It features a slight A-line shape and a V neckline that looks equally flattering when worn in front or back. The V shaping is created by symmetrical increases worked along the spine, and German short rows are worked to level out the front with the lower back. The tee is designed to be worked with as few as one or as many as five colors and includes formatted instructions for each color format. The pattern also includes a formula for altering the overall tee length while keeping the color band depths the same.

It is a playful design, and I hope you enjoy knitting it as much as I did!

I knit a total of 8 samples (but hired a sample knitter for the size 9 sample). Why did I knit so many? In some cases I was testing the color format for yardage. For others, I had the yarn and just wanted to knit more of them! It might be considered overkill if I weren’t planning to religiously wear the six that are in my size. Each slideshow below features a different sample modeled in all the ways it can be worn. Scroll through each to view all the photos, and read the captions for info.

The sample above is the original sample. It was knit in the 5-color format using Cosy Posy Yarn Co. Squish DK in the colorways Barnwood, Honeycomb, Jewel, Rose Quartz and Prairie Girl. It was knit as written for size 3 and is worn on a 36″ bust.

The sample above was knit by Gabby Roberts. You can view her project page here. It was knit in the 5-color format using Less Traveled Yarn DK in the colorways Alchemy of Herbs, Divination, Transmutation, Forest Floor and Witchy Woman. The sample is a size 9 modeled on Amber, who has a 58″ bust. It was knit as written for size 9, but please note that after this sample was complete, short rows were added to the front (rounded neckline side) to make the hems align more closely.

Tiffany is modeling a custom light to dark red fade created by Old Rusted Chair on their Tweed DK base. It is subtle, and I love it. This sample uses the 3-color format and is a size 3 on a 36″ bust, but I added 2″ of length because Tiffany is tall (5’8″). Click here to view my project page for this sample.

This golden sample uses a 4-color format and is cropped by 3″. Again, it is a size 3 on a 36″ bust. The yarn is The Farmer’s Daughter Fibers Craggy Tweed in the colorways Sunday Mimosa, Shake-a-day, Porch Pumpkin and Eagle Eye. You can view the project page for this sample here.

This purple masterpiece was knit with the 1-color format using Lola Bean Soybean DK in the colorway Tangled Tower. The sample is a size 1 modeled on a 30″ bust. You can view the project page here.

Green! This sample uses the 4-color format with Old Rusted Chair Tweed DK in the colorways Three Mile Loop, Goblet Green, Lodgepole and No Roots. Once again, it is a size 3 on a 36″ bust. The project page can be viewed here.

This dreamy watercolor version follows the one-color format and is another size 1 modeled on a 30″ bust. The yarn is Cosy Posy Squish DK in the colorway Fairytale. The project page can be viewed here.

This sample uses the 2-color format, which I had thought would look good with two somewhat neutral colors. The yarn is Less Traveled Yarn DK in the colorways Barley and Olive. Again, it is a size 3 on a 36″ bust. The project page can be viewed here.

Lastly, I needed a one-color version for myself! This blue sample was knit with Woolberry Fiber Co. Berry DK Tweed in the colorway Wild Hydrangeas. It is a size 3 on a 36″ bust, and you can view the project page here.


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