Sun and Moon Fade: A Brand New Modular Construction

The Sun and Moon Fade knitting pattern is automatically 20% off through August 4th here in my web shop, on Ravelry and on Payhip. También está disponible en español! Enjoy!

A woman is wearing a handknit tee featuring an orange circle in the middle that radiates and fades into pink and then purple.

The pattern is available in 19 sizes ranging from a chest circumference of 32″/80 cm to 68″/170 cm.

Sun and Moon features a brand new construction, which was exciting to create, but yes, it did hurt my brain a bit. It is worked in two pieces (front and back), and each begins in the round at the center. As a second color is faded in, the circle is squared off using German short rows. (If you hate German short rows, this pattern may not be for you.) From there, the side panels are worked, where the third color is faded in for most sizes. Next the bottom and top panels are worked, but this time the third color is faded in for all sizes. Lastly, the sleeves are worked in the round and can be short, three-quarter or long.

Back view of a woman modeling a handknit tee with an orange circle radiating outward and fading to pink and then purple

Above, Tiffany is modeling a sun version in size F with 4″/10 cm of positive ease. The sample is knot with Less Traveled Yarn Paloma in the colorways Pumpkin Spice, Horseshoe Bend and Witchy Woman. Kits are available at their website here!

Below, Raqiya is modeling a moon version in size P with 2″/5 cm of positive ease. This sample also uses Less Traveled Yarn Paloma and is knit in the colorways Opera Cake, Obsidian and Nightfall.

A woman gazes downward, modeling a moon sweater with white hydrangeas in the background
A side view of a woman wearing a dark gray handknit moon sweater.

Below, Amber is wearing a sample knit with Neighborhood Fiber Co Studio Sock. It has three-quarter sleeves and is a size I, shown with 5″/12.5 cm of positive ease.

The sample below is a mod that uses 4 colors from Miss La Motte. It is a size F, shown with 5″/12.5 cm of positive ease. The sleeves are three-quarter length.

I had yet another sample made because I wanted a blue one, and I love the blue colorways of Old Rusted Chair. It is knit up in their Tough Sock base and is again shown on me in a size F.

Some of the tester pics are below. They are so unique and creative, and some worked mods for the colors, neckline and more. So many celebrations of the sun and moon! I love them all. Be sure to check them out on Ravelry and Instagram for more info.

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