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Forsythia: A New Cozy Cardi

Closeup of cable knit pocket with phone inside

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I have a rather startling admission to make. Out of all of my garment designs and all garments I’ve ever knit, Forsythia is my clear favorite. 🤭

Above, my niece is modeling a size 4 on a 34″/85 cm chest circumference.

So why is Forsythia my favorite?

I find that for me, this garment is immensely wearable. I have worn my sample no fewer than six times already. In fact, I’m wearing it right now, even as I type, and I think there are a variety of factors as to why I’m so obsessed.

First, the yarn, which is Ritual Dyes Elder (non Superwash, 100% Rambouillet, shown in the Forsythia colorway above), is super squishy and soft. I am in love.

Second, cardigans and simple pieces are more my style. I tend to design unique patterns because, let’s face it–pretty much every simple garment design has already been created, often many times over. If I’m going to design something, I want it to be special, and that often takes me down the road of intricate colorwork motifs or new and interesting constructions. With Forsythia, I spent a long time swatching to create this cable stitch pattern, and I think the overall design came out both singular and in my preferred mostly unembellished style.

And lastly, this design is my favorite because of the pockets! I love pockets. I’ve worked them before, but I prefer them to be warm and snug rather than too roomy. For this reason, Forsythia’s pockets are deep but a bit on the narrow side. Don’t worry, the twisted rib stretches nicely, and they fit my husband’s big, hairy hands just fine.

Forsythia is available in 19 adult sizes, to fit a chest circumference range of 28″/70 cm to 64″/160 cm.

Below, Raqiya is modeling a size 16 sample (her bust measures 58″/145 cm at the time of the photo shoot) that is knit up in Malabrigo Rios, which is a worsted weight Superwash Merino wool yarn. This stunning sample was knit by Sara Aviles (@avidknits on Instagram). Raqiya’s hands fit great in the pockets as well, but we were trying to show off her nails so she kept part of her hand exposed.

Below, Tiffany is modeling a size 6 and has a finished chest circumference of 38″/95 cm. This pink/purple sample was knit by Cynthia (@highcontrastknits on Instagram) using Julie Asselin Nurtured.

Tester Roundup!

Check out these two gorgeous friends who tested the pattern for me. Niki (left) used The Fibre Co Lore, a DK weight wool yarn, and she knit a size 8. Kim (right) used Cascade 220, which is a worsted weight Superwash Merino, ans she knit size 11.

Some of the testers’ projects are below. You can check them all out in more detail on Ravelry.

In the photo below, I am wearing a size 5 on a 37″/93 cm bust. This sample was knit by Michelle Paradis (@michellejpparadis on Instagram) using Ritual Dyes Elder in the Chestnut colorway.

The Forsythia pattern is divided into 3 files based on size group: 1-7, 8-13 and 14-19. You need only download the file for your size group.

Enjoy, and Happy Holidays in the weeks ahead!


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