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The Queue Jumping Soldotna Crop

The Soldotna Crop is one of those quick knits that weasels its way between your other projects–or so it did me. My Aussie friend, Karina @tomahawkcreekcreative, calls these sneaky knits “queue jumpers” because that is precisely what they do. A design by Caitlin Hunter / Boyland Knitworks, Soldotna hooked me instantly. Whether it was the […]

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A More Fitted Alyeska

The Aleuts are a native American people related to the Eskimos who currently inhabit the Aleutian Islands, western Alaska and small portions of eastern Russia. Their language–the Aleut language–is still spoken today, albeit sparsely, and it is the Aleut word Alyeska, meaning “great land,” from which the name for the state of Alaska is derived. […]

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Nelchina, My First Steeking

Nelchina is yet another masterful design by Caitlin Hunter (Boyland Knitworks) that combines colorwork and texture. The entire yoke is a complex and intriguing pattern of colorwork that I liken to the shadows you might see displayed on a forest floor, and the body and arms are covered in squishy 4-stitch cabled repeats. Below are […]

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Wolfgang Hat

The Wolfgang hat is yet another pattern by–you guessed it–Caitlin Hunter of Boyland Knitworks. Keeping in line with her never boring style, Caitlin designed the colorwork with three different shapes, yet pulled them all together in stunning harmony. Combined with the slouchy fit, Wolfgang is a truly distinctive hat. For my yarns I chose Swift […]

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Whitehorse Sweater in Red

I’m not sure whether the Whitehorse sweater is named after the white horse character in Lewis Carroll’s book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, but something about white, red and horse have evoked that fantastical story and all its imagery, so much so that as I am now typing, Alice and the White Rabbit and the Queen […]

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The Grand Zweig Sweater

When Caitlin Hunter of Boyland Knitworks cited Stefan Zweig as the source of inspiration when naming her newest sweater design, I confess that this English major had never heard of him. According to Wikipedia, Zweig was a famous Austrian writer of the early 1900’s, and since I consider myself fairly versed in the literature of […]

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Sunset Highway: A Contemporary Voyage in Colorwork

Just when I thought I was done with pink and green combos I unconsciously selected another one for my Sunset Highway sweater. The pattern is designed by Caitlin Hunter (Boyland Knitworks), and sometime around its release she announced that Olann, whose yarn she used for her sample, would be selling kits as a preorder for […]

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Tegna II, Still Speckled

Tegna II is done. Clearly I really like the Tegna knitting pattern by Caitlin Hunter (Boyland Knitworks). Released in May of this year, Tegna is constructed from the bottom up starting with the lace section and has a loose, boxy shape that I feel is well suited for hand knit garments. For me the fit […]

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The Tegna Tee

I really don’t know where to begin with the Tegna tee. Genuinely, this top has blown my mind. It is by far my favorite knit piece ever, and that is saying something because I love my knit pieces. The Tegna pattern is authored by Caitlin Hunter (@boylandknitworks on Instagram), and while this pattern is her […]

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