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Left shoulder view of a woman wearing a white handknit pullover with small blue butterflies allover

Happy Blues

My newest adult knitting pattern is now live! Choose from 19 different sizes and two different motifs. You can also choose to knit a pullover or a steeked cardigan. Happy Blues is available for purchase here in my web shop, on Ravelry, and on Payhip. Blues are small, dainty butterflies that are found throughout the […]

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Succulent Garden

How about a fresh pullover design with a colorwork yoke? Succulent Garden can be purchased here in my web shop, on Ravelry or on Payhip. This pattern keeps it simple with short yoke repeats and minimal colorwork, making it ideal for colorwork beginners (who don’t mind working with fingering weight yarn). As with most of […]

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Field Of Pumpkins

How about a pumpkin pullover for a little pumpkin in your life? Field of Pumpkins, a children’s pullover design, is now live. You can shop the pattern here in my web shop, on Ravelry or on Payhip. Field of Pumpkins is available in 15 sizes ranging from Preemie to 10 years (these ages correspond loosely […]

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A young toddler wears a teal and gray hand knit sweater with butterfly motifs in the yoke

Little Monarch

Please enjoy an automatic introductory 20% off the Little Monarch pattern through Sunday, May 9, in my web store, Ravelry or Payhip. When I released the adult Monarch pattern earlier this year, I received a flood of requests for a children’s version of the design. I immediately set to work. The sample below, modeled by […]

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A Black woman gazes down, with her hair hangin over her left shoulder. She is wearing a white handknit sweater with vibrant red-orange milkweed motifs splayed around the yoke.

Milkweed & Monarch

Both Milkweed and Monarch patterns are automatically 20% off in my web shop, on Ravelry and on Payhip through January 17! Milkweed/Monarch is the first sweater pattern duo that I’ve ever released. The design started as a milkweed sweater with a column of monarch butterflies inserted into the yoke over the heart area. As I […]

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Rattlesnake Tee

Rattlesnake is now available for purchase here in my web shop, on Payhip and on Ravelry. For more detailed pattern info, visit my my shop. Be sure to check out all the sample photos below, as well as some of my testers’ photos at the bottom! Rattlesnake uses DK weight yarn and features a colorwork […]

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Meet my latest design–Swallowtail! This pullover features a ton of stranded colorwork with fingering weight yarn, all centered on the zebra swallowtail butterfly. This species is my favorite of all the butterflies, and it was fun playing with both the modern and natural elements and deconstructing them into various motifs. For my sample above, I […]

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The Great Christmas Hat-a-thon

In the two weeks leading up to Christmas, I cranked out four hats for gifts for my husband’s family. Earlier in the season I also knit a hat for a friend, as well as a hat for a newborn. That’s six hats! Below are the details for each hat. Be sure to let me know […]

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Steeking Tutorial for Hyphenated

To purchase the Hyphenated knitting pattern on Ravelry, click here. For many–if not most–knitters, the idea of steeking evokes feelings of trepidation, anxiety and discomfort. It is only natural to feel this way, given that steeking involves slicing up your hard-earned knitted garment. Attempting it willy nilly with no plan would be downright scary, which […]

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