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Bear with me. This post is colossal. SISTERS UNITED MT DONATION FOR ALL OF MAY 🎉 50% of Halfway sales will be donated to Sisters United MT for the ENTIRE MONTH OF MAY! 🎉 Click here to purchase the pattern from my Ravelry store. Guided by her heritage and big heart, Candice English, the dyer […]

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The Shusui Shrug

  As with many of my projects, Shusui started with the announcement of a KAL on Instagram. Indeed, Fuse Fiber Studio, the host of the KAL, even had a nice selection of yarn that would work splendidly for this shrug. ‘Eh, I’ll have a look at her shop,’ I thought to myself. ‘I don’t really […]

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The Portage Cardi KAL

When my gal pal Selena (@dankfiber on Instagram) suggested we host a KAL with prizes for the Portage Cardigan we were planning to knit together, I was immediately intrigued. After a little thought I decided to go for it, and we started brainstorming prize ideas. Below is the KAL announcement we came up with, which […]

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Fleesensee Hat

KAL’s are almost always an impetuous undertaking for me. Typically I plan my knits well in advance, but then sometimes certain lately sprung KAL’s are all too tempting. And hey, when you have the yarn already on hand, why not join in? Meet the Fleesensee hat by Verena Cohrs of The Wool Club. (Fleesensee is […]

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I Joined that KAL on Instagram…Again

It seems like so many–too many–of my knitting projects cut line and disrupt my neat little plans, and almost all of these interrupters arise from Instagram KAL’s. I am a visual person (hence my addiction to Instagram), so the copious numbers of beautiful knitting projects on Instragram often inspire–no, seduce–me into starting more projects than my […]

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Dotted Rays for Days

Typically I like to keep my knitting projects planned and orderly. This project, however, sprang from the sheer impulse to join the Dotted Rays KAL on Instagram. Not wise. But who wants to be wise ALL the time? I started the Dotted Rays shawl (pattern by West Knits) with the naivete that I would use only […]

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