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Left shoulder view of a woman wearing a white handknit pullover with small blue butterflies allover

Happy Blues

My newest adult knitting pattern is now live! Choose from 19 different sizes and two different motifs. You can also choose to knit a pullover or a steeked cardigan. Happy Blues is available for purchase here in my web shop, on Ravelry, and on Payhip. Blues are small, dainty butterflies that are found throughout the […]

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Steeking Tutorial for Hyphenated

To purchase the Hyphenated knitting pattern on Ravelry, click here. For many–if not most–knitters, the idea of steeking evokes feelings of trepidation, anxiety and discomfort. It is only natural to feel this way, given that steeking involves slicing up your hard-earned knitted garment. Attempting it willy nilly with no plan would be downright scary, which […]

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Nelchina, My First Steeking

Nelchina is yet another masterful design by Caitlin Hunter (Boyland Knitworks) that combines colorwork and texture. The entire yoke is a complex and intriguing pattern of colorwork that I liken to the shadows you might see displayed on a forest floor, and the body and arms are covered in squishy 4-stitch cabled repeats. Below are […]

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