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The Great Christmas Hat-a-thon

In the two weeks leading up to Christmas, I cranked out four hats for gifts for my husband’s family. Earlier in the season I also knit a hat for a friend, as well as a hat for a newborn. That’s six hats! Below are the details for each hat. Be sure to let me know […]

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Autumn Love Note

Does this top qualify as a Halloween sweater since it’s knit in an orange color and it’s almost trick-or-treat time? Either way, this is about as close as it gets for me when it comes to dressing up for Halloween. I’ve been seeing Love Note sweaters regularly in my Instagram feed ever since the design […]

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The Post-Christmas Christmas Gifts Post

This year I did not knit or make any gifts for friends, which is very unlike me. We’ll chalk it up to all the new knitwear designs in which I’ve been immersing myself. (I have another one that I’m hoping to send out for testing shortly in the new year.) Other than my mom’s Portage […]

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My First Flax Sweater: Happy Birthday, Jacob!

Turning ten years old is a big deal. A decade is no short amount of time, though for me each of these past ten years elapsed with the blink of an eye. Was I not just pregnant with him a few years ago…? I have a confession: this Flax sweater is Jacob’s very first hand […]

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