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Hello friends!

Welcome to my knitting site, where I share my knitwear designs. My PDF patterns are available for sale here in my shop, on Ravelry and on Payhip.

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Front view of a modeled green handknit pullover with white milkweed motifs
A woman gazes down at a blooming Christmas cactus that she is holding. She is wearing a handknit sweater that is reddish purple with bright green plant motifs in the yoke.
Picture of a long sleeve Rattlesnake sweater with long sleeves

How it all started…

Inspired by cute and fashionable knitwear for children, I learned to knit when my son and daughter were young and quickly became obsessed. It’s a common story. I soon realized that this hobby was more than a fun pastime. It satisfies my craving to create something beautiful (hopefully). It gives me a sense of accomplishment. It opens new spaces for me to channel my love–for my family, friends, myself and even for my home.

I could go on and on, but most importantly I discovered that knitting is good for the mind. It can be challenging–as I prefer it to be–and it can be painstaking, but after a while it becomes a form of meditation. For me knitting is a way of life. Crocheting, embroidering, sewing, crafting and any other type of making easily fall into the same category. Knitting is my happy niche, where I release the cares of the world and throw myself into a design, seeking fulfillment in the creative process time and time again.

Thank you!

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you’ll stick around and look through my work. Feel free to reach out at with any questions or comments. Happy knitting!

XO, Jamie

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