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knitosophydesigns - May 6, 2023

Pick Up Stitches Around an Armhole

The video below demonstrates how to pickup stitches around an armhole. It shows how to pick up the stitches along both a slanted edge and straight edge neatly. It also includes a...

knitosophydesigns - April 6, 2023

Lifted Increase

HOW TO WORK RLI (Right Lifted Increase) and LLI (Left Lifted Increase) Desliza hacia el último vídeo para el tutorial en español...

knitosophydesigns - April 6, 2023

German Short Rows

The video below demonstrates how to work the German Short Rows of my V-back designs, including how to work the Double Stitches...

knitosophydesigns - March 3, 2023

Provisional Cast-On

Below is a video demonstrating how to work the provisional cast-on using a crochet hook.

knitosophydesigns - January 16, 2021

Birdseed Tutorials

The tutorials below were created for the Birdseed pattern, but some can be used for other patterns as well. HOW TO WORK...

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