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How to Work Two-Color Brioche

If knitting is a language–and I believe it is–then brioche is a dialect.

The term brioche as a knitting stitch is derived from the French pastry of the same name, of which it supposedly bears some resemblance. I don’t see it, but I do know knitting and pastries have both evolved over the years so perhaps earlier versions of the two resembled each other.

Below is a video tutorial that I made for IGTV on Instagram showing how to work two-color brioche. The video demonstrates how to work the following basic brioche stitches:

  • brk:   the brioche knit stitch
  • brp:   the brioche purl stitch
  • sl1yo:   slip one stitch and yarn over to create the shawled stitch
  • brkyobrk:   2-stitch increase
  • brkyobrkyobrk:   4-stitch increase
  • brRsl:   right-slanting decrease of 2 stitches
  • brLsl:   left-slanting decrease of 2 stitches


I hope this video is helpful to those of you who are brioche beginners or who want to become more familiar with the brioche stitch. Be sure to hit me up if you have any questions or need clarification!


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