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Three-Needle Bind-off

The video here demonstrates how to work a three-needle bind-off, as instructed in my Sun and Moon Fade pattern. (For this pattern, the bind-off is worked on the wrong side.)

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Cable Cast-on

The video below demonstrates how to work the cable cast-on, specifically at the underarm of a top-down garment. Pattern: Birdseed

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Alternating/Rib Cable Cast-on

The video below demonstrates how to work the alternating cable cast-on, as instructed in my Birdseed pattern. Please note that Birdseed is cast on in the [p1, k1] sequence, while Sugarplum Crop is cast on in the [k1, p1] sequence. Both begin with a slipknot, which will be the first cast-on stitch (designated as a […]

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Pick Up Stitches Around an Armhole

The video below demonstrates how to pick up stitches around an armhole. It shows how to pick up the stitches along both a slanted edge and straight edge neatly. It also includes a tip for how to pick up slipped stitches along the slanted edge in a way that prevents a hole from forming. Pattern: […]

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Cable Stitches

I find cable needles to be clumsy and slow. Fortunately, they are almost entirely unnecessary! 3/2 LC (3/2 Left Cross) The video below demonstrates how to work 3/2 LC on both the Right Side and Wrong Side of my Beautyberry pattern. On the Right Side, the cable is worked without a cable needle. On the […]

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Italian Tubular Cast-on

The video below demonstrates how to work the Italian tubular cast-on from my V-back patterns. In the video, the fingering version is used. En este vídeo podrás ver como se trabaja el Montaje Tubular (o italiano), el cual se usa en mis patrones V-Back. En este vídeo se está tejiendo la versión fingering.

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Invisible Ribbed Bind-off

Below is a video demonstrating how to work the invisible ribbed bind-off of my V-Back Tee (fingering) and V-back DK patterns. Depending on the source you’re using, this bind-off is sometimes called the tubular bind-off. While I use these two names interchangeably, there is a different bind-off that goes by the tubular name. To ease […]

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Lifted Increase

HOW TO WORK RLI (Right Lifted Increase) and LLI (Left Lifted Increase) Desliza hacia el último vídeo para el tutorial en español sobre cómo trabajar los aumentos levantados. The video below demonstrates how to work Increase Round 1 of my V-back Tee pattern (fingering weight), including how to work the RLI and LLI. HOW TO […]

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German Short Rows

The video below demonstrates how to work the German Short Rows of my V-back designs, including how to work the Double Stitches (DSs), how to resolve them, and how to work the short rows during a color transition (in which yarn is broken and rejoined).

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