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Sode: A Cable Masterpiece

It may only be March, but I can safely say that Sode will be my greatest knitting accomplishment of the year. Authored by Hiroko Payne, the Sode design is a monument to cable knitting. The pattern was published in Issue 6 of Laine Magazine, and the various cable charts are printed on a large foldout insert that is included in the issue. I took pictures of the charts individually with my phone and followed along from there.

My favorite part of the cardigan is the Staghorn cables that run down the length of the arms. In my opinion they are the most eye-catching element simply because the marriage of that cable with that part of the body makes for a dazzling side display. My second favorite part is the back section–an obvious choice. The uniquely intertwining cables framed by twisted and braided cables are spectacular. My third favorite part is the pockets. I am all about the delicious details, and the pockets did not disappoint. Overall, the effect of the ribbing tying into and bordering the cables is something remarkable as well.

I wish I could write that the process of knitting this cardigan was totally smooth and problem-free, but unfortunately I did have a couple of hiccups before the pattern started to flow. At one point before the sleeve separation I realized that my stitches were off a bit, but I couldn’t figure out what I had done wrong so forged ahead with a couple of slight adjustments. For those considering knitting Sode, my advice is to read through all of the instructions not only at the outset but also throughout the pattern as a way of constantly pre-checking your progress. This pattern demands your respect.

I ordered a total of nine skeins of La Bien Aimée Merino Aran, the original yarn used for the Sode design. I had about a skein left over, but since I was alternating skeins to achieve the best blend of colors I think nine skeins was perfect. For reference, I am wearing the size Small, and I am 5’7″ tall with a bust circumference of 36″.

This gorgeous La Bien Aimée colorway is called “Automne à Rhinebeck,” which translates to “Autumn in Rhinebeck.” It is mostly a silvery gray with warm gray tones and bright, colorful speckles. It’s a heavenly neutral! Once again, I have found that LBA yarn is at the top of its class, and I cannot recommend their yarn enough.

I am thrilled that I finished my Sode in time to wear for a few weeks before the weather warms up, but I am always cold so it’ll probably be more like a month. (I am soooo ready for summer. Is it strange that summer is my favorite season, given that I am a nonstop knitter?) What can I say? I am completely in love with my new cable masterpiece!

To view my Ravelry project page for Sode, click here.


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